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Boy's Basketball


Coach N.H. Gordon. First year to resume boys basketball at SHS; Shut out Foraker 29-0 in the first game. Record: 7 wins - 3 losses


Shidler boys won half of their games ending the season with a 5-5 marking. They lost tough games to Grainola, Ralston, Barnsdall, and two to Burbank. In the county tournament they were defeated in their game by their bitter rival Hominy. Coach Reese J. McCord. Record: 5 wins - 6 losses.


Shidler ended the regular season with a 5-5 marking, being defeated by Kaw City, Pawhuska, Grainola, and twice by Burbank. Pawhuska Invitational Tournament, Shidler put down Will Rogers 30-21 only to be defeated in the second game by Bartlesville by a score of 34-24. In the Deer Creek Invitational Tournament, Shidler Fared with a three-an-a-row beating Deer Creek 42-5, Jefferson 46-15, and Tonkawa 23-25. Coach Roy Rousy. Record: 9 wins - 7 losses.


Defeating Kaw City 20-11 in their first game of the season, Shidler showed very well thru out the season ending up with a 7-3 record. They were defeated by Pawhuska 33-26, Burbank 32-31, and Barnsdall 34-33. In the Osage County Tourney, Shidler reached the finals by defeating Wynona 37-31 and Barnsdall 33-18, only to be put down by Burbank 31-30. Coach Roy Rousy. Record: 8 wins - 7 losses.


Coach Art Fleak produced a team that won 14 of its 18 games for the season. They were beaten by Fairfax 24-23, and Cleveland 37-31. The boys also won the Pawhuska Invitational Tourney and were beaten 32-31 by Burbank in the County Tourney. Record: 14 wins - 5 losses.



The team has played fine ball all season and has shown constant improvement. On January first, 1949, Shidler became a member of the North State Conference. The North State Conference  was organized in 1937. The following schools were charter members: Stroud, Oilton, Yale, Cleveland, Hominy, Pawnee, Fairfax and Newkirk. During the past 13 years, since the conference was organized Hominy and Pawnee have dominated the basketball situation. However, Fairfax won the championship las year. Stroud and Newkirk have dropped out of the conference and Dewey and Shidler have gone in. Pawnee is the only undefeated team in the conference at the present time, and Shidler the only team with a single defeat.

Losing 3 out of 13 for the season, Shidler was welcome to the North State Conference as a new member. They lost to Pawnee 53-41, Newkirk 33-28, and Kaw City 35-29. In tournament play, Shidler whisked by Hominy 28-24 and lost to Pawhuska 45-35. Coach: Art Fleak. Record: 11 wins - 4 losses.


Ending the season with a 10-5 record, Shidler showed that they could really control other teams. Backed strongly by J.B. Bowman and fantastic Eddie Mahan, Shidler had no problem at all. Coach: Art Fleak.


A very commendable season. Shidler marked up a very impressive record of 23 wins and 4 losses and ended the season as semi-finalists in the Class B tourney for State. Coach: Art Fleak.


Taking up where last year’s Class B state Semi-Finalists left off,  this year’s team won 14 straight games before losing to Chilocco, a Class A team they had previously defeated. Included in this string was the winning of the Cleveland Class A Invitational Tournament. The Tigers got as far as the semi-finals in the Edmond Invitational before losing to a fine Bowlegs team. It is hoped that the team, which, with the 1952 team, are probably the best basketball clubs to ever represent Shidler High, Will go all the way in the race for the State Championship. As this is written, the team has won 20 and lost 2, which compares very favorably with las years 23 won and 4 lost record. Coach: Jack Hartman (Hartman graduated from Shidler High School in 1943)


Although the Shidler Tiger basketball team of this year hadn't quite measured up to the teams of the past few years, it is one of the most colorful to come out of Shidler High. Coach Jack Dobbins, beginning with only one returning starter, has molded a high scoring bunch, using fast break, an exciting style of play. The scores of the games indicate the Tigers are a tough bunch, and never fail to play a swell game. Record: 7 wins - 4 losses.


The basketball team started the season with a rip 'n a roar. Winning 9 straight games before tasting defeat, they have compiled a 17 win 3 loss record. Although there are only three seniors on the squad, the Tigers have shown poise in the close games, and their coolness and sportsmanship at all times has made them a credit to Coach Grover Bradley and to the blue and gold. They are looking forward to the district, regional, and state tournaments in hopeful anticipation of wearing the State crown.


The Shidler Tiger High School Basketball team compiled a very commendable record. They started the season with a roar winning five games before a defeat to Hominy. They entered two tourneys, winning at Tonkawa with a score of 64-54 and lost in the quarter finals at Cleveland.  This team consists of six seniors and five juniors. Ten of the eleven members are native S.H.S students beginning their teamwork in Jr. High. Although the team does not have extra tall boys they do have speed, will, and a sincere coach to make this a profitable season. Coach Glenn Secrest. Record: 7 wins - 4 losses.


Seven Senior's, two Juniors, and two Sophomores composed the High School basketball team. Their main foes this season were Drumright and Cleveland. Players and coach were all afire when their arch rival met them on home court. We downed them by one point and the next match by two points...thrillers all the way. Coach Glenn Secrest.


This year's team ran up a much better record than the year before even though they were much smaller and were more experienced. Coach Frank Webber.


Shidler had a good season considering the competition, ending the season with 12 wins and 9 losses. They won the NOJC Tourney by defeating Fairfax 40-27, Newkirk 61-33, and Perkins 46-41. Hoping to win the District Tourney, Shidler was put down by Barnsdall in the first game with a score of 49-37.


Seniors this year were Bill Patton, Harold Brown, and Butch Johnston. Coach Frank Webber.


Seniors were Joe Harbeson, Clarence Sharp, Curtiss Watts, Gary Johnston, and Sonny Robinson. Coach Frank Webber.


Coach Jess Page


The team this year, turned in a creditable 9 wins and 11 losses. The toughest game of the season was a Braman win, after two overtimes, the Tigers cam through with a 48-46 victory. Coach Rex Rowe.


Shidler came out even this year an 8-8 record showing good improvements over the past year. Losing only one senior by graduation, Shidler promised to have an ever better beam this year. Coach Rex Rowe.


Shidler High School's Tigers, under the coaching of Paul Smith, compiled an impressive record of 17 wins and only 2 losses during the season. The highlight of the season was Shidler's 71-66 victory over Hominy. Charlie Nibarger gave Shidler a 67-66 lead with two free-throws, then David McCollum was fouled and made his 1-1 short for a three point advantage. Richard Robinson iced the cake when he stole the ball and made a layup as the final buzzer sounded. Smith was the first basketball coach who was not also head football coach; Undefeated 10-0 at home.


Shidler compiled another outstanding season’s they entered with an 18-5 record of the season. Losing most of their height by graduation in '65, these rookies came through with flying colors. Coach Paul Smith.


16 wins and 9 losses was the final record for the team for this year. The Tigers were the District Champs and finished third in the regionals and third in the Berryhill Tourney. Scoring averages for the starting lineup were Peterson 12.5, Treadway 12.3, Connor 12.0, Culver 6.0, and McHenry 5.0. Coach Paul Smith.


With the longest winning streak being two victories, Shidler posted a 6-17 record with the highest game score of the season being 81 points to Tonkawa's 30. Coach Paul Smith.


The Tigers ended with the season of 4 wins and 16 losses. Shidler was lead by Phil Sanders with 19 points per game. Highlights of the season was Newkirk's loss to Shidler 67-64. Coach Paul Smith.


This was a rebuilding year for the Shidler High roundballers. In the season opener at Ralston, the boys were determined, but just couldn't withstand the pressure of the overtime play, and were defeated by one point. Next, Fairfax played on the Tigers home court, and an enthusiastic crowd saw the Tigers dump the rival Red Devils 56-52. The highlight of the year was definitely the unexpected upset of Hominy near the end of the season. The boys turned in a perfect example of "Team-manship" making few errors and hitting 74% of their free throws. This, however, did not compare to the 94% made against Newkirk in the Ralston Tournament, a record in anyone's books! Coach: Claude Cody. Record: 10 wins -13 losses.


Coach Howard Stutte. Record: 9 wins - 9 losses.


Coach Howard Stutte


Coach Bill Lancaster. Record: 15 wins - 6 losses.


Coach Bill Lancaster. Record: 19 wins - 8 losses. Lost in state finals Shidler 55 Deer Creek Lamont 59.


Coach Bill Lancaster. Record: 20 wins - 7 losses. Lost in area finals.


Coach Bill Lancaster. Record: 19 wins - 4 losses.


Coach Bill Lancaster. Record: 8 wins - 14 losses.


Coach Paul Smith. Record: 13 wins - 12 losses.


Coach Paul Smith. Record: 25 wins - 2 losses. Undefeated, 21-0 in regular season; 4-2 in district, regional and area tournaments.


Coach Reese. Record: 6 wins - 14 losses.


Coach Randy Eby. Record:


Coach Randy Eby. Record: 4 wins - 14 losses.


Coach Randy Eby. Record: 11 wins - 14 losses


Coach Randy Eby. Record:


Coach Randy Eby. Record:


Coach Randy Eby. Record:


Coach Randy Eby. Record:


Coach Randy Eby. Record:


Coach Randy Eby. Record:


Coach Randy Eby. Record:


Coach Matt Holland. Record:


Coach Matt Holland. Record:


Coach Matt Holland. Record:


Th Shidleer Tigers provided fans with tremendous excitement! No matter what the score, they always gave their all. Thanks Tigers! We’re proud of you for being real “tigers” and representing our school with such pride! The team was a rugged determined group of athletes who played hard from the first tip until the final buzzer. Coach Brad Hunt. Record:


Coach Brad Hunt. Record:


Coach Brad Hunt. Record: 10 wins - 15 losses.


Coach Johnny Wright. Record:


Coach Johnny Wright. Record:


Coach Johnny Wright. Record:


Coach Johnny Wright. Record:


Coach Johnny Wright. Record: 14 wins - 10 losses.


Coach Dale Bledsoe. Record:


Coach Dale Bledsoe. Record:


Wow! What a basketball season this year brought us. So many close games. They were games to watch, play in, and coach. The compliments we received from opposing fans, administrators, and even referees that many of you were unaware of means that your hard work, attitude, and desire to improve yourself did pay-off. Winning is important, but being an athlete who is respected by your peers, your coaches, and most of all yourself is what matters most. Remember what the great coach, John Wooden, once said, “If you haven’t the desire, you haven’t the will, and without the will you’re lost.” Coach Chad Walker. Record:


Coach J.C. Brewster


Coach J.C. Brewster Record: 8-14


Kyle Lawson said, “The basketball season is going pretty good so far especially for all the younger players on the team. The team is mostly made up of Sophomores and Freshmen. We work hard in every practice to do our best. We play a lot of bigger and older teams. Although we know they are more experience, we still play our hearts out. As the year goes on, we will get better. As the season goes by, we are starting to hang with the more experienced teams.”


Coach J.C. Brewster


With the advantage of keeping what they had last year, the Shidler Men’s basketball program was one step ahead of the opponents. Ready to make their mark this year, the Tiger’s dominated the floor many times with ease, they came through obstacles, and in the end became an amazing team that everyone was very impressed with and proud of. This year’s basketball team was led by great leadership. This leadership was provided by four returning players. These young men actively led the underclassmen throughout the season. They provided them with the skills needed to be a successful team, with a great work ethic. Coach J.C. Brewster


Coach Strahan

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