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Mr. Herb Bias

Mr. Herb Bias received his Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and then became elementary principal in the Shidler School system. Mr. Bias was teacher, coach, and principal.The Shidler gymnasium is named in honor of Mr. Bias. He retired from Shidler Schools in 1977.

Mr. Bias organized the Little Olympics in 1956 because he believed in the importance of developing physical fitness in grade school students and believed athletics developed character. All students in the elementary school, kindergarten through 6th grade competed for ribbons given in 24 different events, which included the broad jump, high jump, 50 yard shuttle relay, 220 yard relay, and 50 and 75 yard dashes.

In 1988 the Alumni Association voted to establish the Herb Bias Memorial Elementary Athletic Fund.  This fund was created to ensure that elementary athletics endured during financial hardships.  

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