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Girls basketball through the years


1946 basketball team was coached by Mrs. Lucas. The team played 12 games, and won every one, also every tournament they entered. (Grainola, Burbank, Barnsdall tournaments)

1947 girls basketball team was coached by W.G. Smith. There was very little history on this year, besides the score. Shidler girls won three games and lost six.

1948 team schedule was quite small; Shidler girls won four games and played four games. The girls were coached by W.G. Smith.

1949 girls team was again coached by W.G. Smith. The girls won nine out of eleven games. Also they won the Pawhuska Invitation Tournament.

1950 team was coached by Mr. W.G. Smith. The girl's won four and lost six games. The girls’ team was made up largely of girls who had played some ball before. However, the early games showed up weaknesses that were corrected as the season progressed. The team improved noticeable in technique and spirit, an evidence of much hard work on the part of Coach Smith and each member of the team.

1951 coach was Glen Claunch. An outstanding player was acknowledged, Kathleen Donelson, who averaged 18.5 points per game. She had a total of 278 points.

1952 Coach Claunch  Record: 4-10

​1953 Starting the season under a new coach, Mrs. Caroline Bonnewell of Shidler, and with only a few experienced girls returning, the team has made an enviable record. Making up in hustle and fight what they may have lacked in height, the girls have won 16 and lost 3 up to this date. This is an enviable record and one the whole school can be proud of. The girls won the Cleveland Invitation Tournament by playing and winning 4 games in three days. It is hoped that they will better the mark set by last year’s team and win the Regional Tournament, thus qualifying for State.

1954 Starting the season with a new coach, Mr. Gayle Coyle, and only a few of last year's players returning, the team set a good record. Making up for their lack of experience with team spirit, they have a game record of 3 victories and 3 losses. The girls have hopes of bettering last year's mark , and winning the District Tournament, which will qualify them to play in the regional.

​1955 The Senior High girls’ basketball team is an excellent example of teamwork and spirit. Suffering from a shortage of opponents, the girls compiled a five won four loss record at the time of this writing, against some of the top-flight teams in the state. Their improvement under Coach Coyle has been steady, and the impressive victory over Cleveland in their last start preludes what we hope will be a strong showing in the tournaments to come.

1956 The Senior High girls traveling squad has been composed of ten seniors, 2 juniors, and one sophomore. With Coach Coyle’s encouragement and prayer before each game 9 won, 2 loss record has been compiled at press time. The girls won the Tonkawa Tournament by winning three games in two days and lost in the quarter finals to the “Champs” in the Cleveland Tournament.

​1957 Hampered with inexperience by losing 91 percent of last year’s team, the girls’ basketball club has not had many wins this year. However, they have improved as the season progressed. The team is composed of an unusual combination, three each of Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen. This will insure a stronger team for next year’s starting line. They entered two invitational tournaments, Tonkawa and Cleveland, and were defeated by teams that wen to the finals. The girls, coached by Mr. Franklin Jimm, have hopes of doing well in the District Tournament.

1958 and 1959 teams were coached by Mr. Stebens. The manager was Mary Allred. The games' scores were ten wins and six losses. The team reached the District finals and were defeated by Barnsdall.

1960 team was coached by Mr. Stebens. Manager was Gloria Elliot. Game scores were not given.

1961 coach was Mr. Stebens. The mangers were Gloria Elliot and Jody Anderson.

1962 coach was Mr. Stebens with manager, Gloria Elliot.

1963 coach was Mr. Don Risinger with manager, Glenda Williams.

1964 coach was Mr. Don Risinger

1965 coach was Mr. Joe Cheap. That year the girls defeated Fairfax 61-39, and beat them again before the season ended, while Fairfax took only one away from the Tigerettes. Seniors on the team were Donna Head at forward and Lynda Ware at guard.

1966 coach was Mr. Bouher with managers Linda Sharp and Connie Benton, The team defeated Fairfax 3 times and took the District Championship. Seniors on the team were Jeannie Rhodes, Randa Moser, Letita Jackson and Diana Ball. Randa Moser made 37% of goal attempts and Bogadah Ball made 39%. Diana Kelsey had 113 rebounds, while the team averaged 33% of goals attempted.

1967 team was coached by Mr. Bouher. This team had total of 7 wins and 9 losses. They took the District, the score was 50-33 against Tonkawa. An acknowledged player was Bogadah Ball, who had 16.4 average per game.

1968 coach was Mr. Paul Smith. The outstanding game of the year was again Fairfax, on our home court. Shidler won by making a free shot in the last 4 seconds of the game. They lost to Fairfax in the District tourney which ended Shidler's four year District Champ title. High scorers were Gail Barnes-19 points per game, Paul Jones-8 points per game.

1969 coach was Mr. Pat Custer. This year they had an average of 4 wins and 10 losses. District finals were lost by a narrow margin of 31-35 against Barnsdall. High scorers were Gail Dollarhide and Shirley Simmons averaging 10 points per game. For the first time 2 girls made the All-Conference team; Stephanie Arrington and Vickie Ramsey.

1970 This year the Shidler High School Tigerettes were led by 4 senior girls during regular season. Debbie Jones, the high pointer for the Tigerettes, the high pointer for the team, averaged 14.5 points per game while Soni Kennedy and Jo Davison held down the defensive end of the court. Jann Farley was versatile enough to play both ends of the court. Soni was leading rebounder for the year with 8.5 per game. All Conference players were Debbie Jones, Soni Kennedy and Jo Davidson.

1971 Coach Bob Gilstrap Record 8-8

1972 Coach Bob Gilstrap

1973 Coach Bob Gilstrap Record 12-9

1974 Coach Deanne Bentz Record 15-8 Second in Conference. Won Sportsmanship Trophy in Nowata Conference.

1975 Coach Deanne Bentz Record 19-6

1976 Coach Deanne Bentz Record 8-8

Ralston Tournament 3-0; Perkins Tournament 2-1; District Tournament 2-0; Regional Tournament 1-2

1977 Coach Bill Lancaster Record 12-9

1978 Coach Sharon Kadavy Record 6-3; District loss to Fairfax 46-80

1979 Averaging 50 points a game, the Tigerettes entertained record-breaking spectator crowds for a 9-12 season. The girls scored well inside and from as far out as 30 feet. Defense was strong with three returning starters. Coach Sharon Kadavy said the 2 noticeable improvements over last year were advancement of the ball and a decline in fouls. The Tigerettes were represented by 8 seniors, 4 juniors and five sophomores made up the rest of the 17-member team. This high scoring team advanced to the first game of districts when Barnsdall squeezed by them with a 45-43 score.

1980 Coach Sharon Kadavy Record 4-17

1981 Coach Reese

1982 Coach Reese Record 8-9

1983 The clock read 14 seconds; Shidler was training Medford by 1 point at the second round of the Regional Tournament. The Tigers had possession of the ball. Determined, they worked the ball within shot range. The shot, 7 seconds, flying through the air, is off. The buzzer sounded as the Lady Tigers’ 1983 season came to a close. The Shidler girls basketball team put in a lot of hard work, long hours, and mostly dedication under the new coach, Teresa Zweicher. It certainly paid off as the girls came away with a 17-9 season record and Conference Champs with a 6-1 record. In districts, the mighty Tigers stomped Copan to send them to the Regional Tournament. They met up with Oilton and battled them for a chance to play the 6th rated team in the state, Medford. The season was a winning one. A lot of fun and memories more than made up for the twisted ankles and shin splints, but the girls’ team of Shidler High won’t soon forge the words, “Girls, get on the end line.”

1984 Coach Curl

1985 Coach Cheryl Chaffin

1986 Coach Cheryl Chaffin

1987 Coach Worley

1988 Coach Worley

1989 Coach Laurie Murphy

1990 Coach Laurie Murphy

1991 Coach Laurie Murphy

1992 Coach Diana Monks

1993 Coach Diana Monks

1994 The Lady Tigers basketball season saw several historical milestones. It was the first year for the girls to play 5 on 5, and Coach Lewis Mann celebrated his 300th win as a coach!! The girls played their first game of 5 on 5 on November 19, 1993, against Wynona and not only recorded the first win of the season, but also the first win ever playing this new style of ball!! The Lady Tigers played in the Cherokee Five Conference and were picked to finish in 7th place by the coaches. However, by the end of the season, the girls had placed 2nd in the conference and ended up ranked the 14th best team in the state, with 13 wins and 10 losses. TAKE NO PRISONERS became the battle cry as the tough defense played by the Lady Tigers shut down high scoring teams and earned the respect of the coaches, fans, and other players.

1995 Coach Johnny Wright

1996 Coach Johnny Wright

1997 Coach Johnny Wright

1998 Coach Mary Brown

1999 The Shidler Girls’ Basketball team started off the season with high hopes and a new basketball coach, Jon Peveler. Everyone on the team had much to learn and a lot of hard work ahead of them. Throughout the season, the team worked together to finish greatly improved over last year. “I was very pleased with the overall attitude of the girls this season, although our win/loss record could have been better. I am looking forward to next year,” said Coach Jon Peveler. The Lady Tigers battled hard to finish with a 6-19 record.

2000 Coach Jon Peveler said improvement was again a noticeable factor this year for the Lady Tigers. They ended the season at 9-14. It was not exactly the record they wanted, but to see the dramatic change that these seniors and the rest of the team were able to accomplish during the past two years is a testament to a renewed effort and a much improved attitude. The seniors should be proud of the foundation they have helped to establish as the underclassmen, junior high and elementary young ladies continue to build and progress. Shidler girls’ basketball will begin to set the standards that other try to emulate.

2001 Coach Jon Peveler

2002 Coach Jon Peveler

2003 Coach Jon Peveler

2004 Coach Nichols

2005 Coach Nichols

2006 A Cinderella story in the making. The Lady Tigers went down to the Agra Tournament. Low ranked for the tournament, they went down and won it all! Coach Campo stated that each game they play, they took a step up the ladder. Good job Ladies!

2007 The Lady Tigers had a great season this year. With a record of 17-9 they were District Champs and made it to the 2nd round of Area. We also got a near head coach this, Marcus Klingsick. The team was sad when our season ended but the results of this year give us more desire for next year.

2008 Coach Marcus Klingsick

2009 The Lady Tigers did not have the winning season that they would have liked to have had. Coming into the picture this year was a new coach, Mariann Deshaver AKA Coach D. Unlike the girls fast break previous mentality, her coaching technique slowed the game down and created offenses. The girls came to realize they had to believe to achieve. Freshman Jessica Moore said,” It is not about the ending score, it I what we learned along the way and what we gained.” Record 4-W 11-L

2010 Coach Mariann Deshaver

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