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Disclaimer:  The information contained on this page was taken from Shidler High School yearbooks. Some yearbooks had no information only photos of football.

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   Year             Coach                    Win                  Loss               Tie


1947-48       Roy Rousey             2                        7                    1

Kenneth Cook, 165-pound quarter-back, made the all-district team despite the fact that Shidler only won two of the six district games. Cook, best known for his blocking and tackling, is a fine punter and pass receiver. Buster Young, second team selection, is a fiery, 143 pound back and probably the best passer in the district. He is a good ball carrier, heading the tigers in running and total offense.

FAIRFAX: In the first game of the season, a district game, the Shidler Tigers defeated the Fairfax Red Devils, 6 to 2 on the Shidler gridiron. A capacity crowd of 2,000 saw the game played on the new, lighted field. Herb Roe scored for the Tigers in the third quarter on a 55 yard run around right end. The try for extra points on a safety in this quarter.

DEWEY: The Dewey Bulldoggers beat the Shidler Tigers in the second district game of the season by a score of 27 to 6. In the fourth quarter Shidler passed over the goal line for their first and only score. Kenneth Cook caught the touchdown pass. The attempted conversion was no good. Dewey then regained possession of the ball and marched down the filed for their final score. The try for extra point was no good.

HOMINY: In a well-played game before a large crowd, the Shidler Tigers lost to Hominy in a district game, 25-0. The Tigers were outplayed in every department, but the vicious tackling and line play, especially in the last quarter, indicated that the Tigers lost only because Hominy was the superior team.

PAWHUSKA: In what was probably the best played football game of the season, the Shidler Tigers lost to a brilliant Pawhuska eleven in a non-conference game by a score of 33-6. The Huskies, rated to be the best team in the district, had power to spare. Never-the-less, the Tigers put on a fine exhibition of clean, hard tackling. They pulled a wonderful bit of strategy, foregoing their usual aerial attack and relying on power plays.

PONCA MILITARY ACADEMY: The Tigers unleashed a powerful aerial assault to subdue the Ponca Military Academy Cadets by a score of 30-0. The game had barely started with Aaron Ford, Tiger scatback, intercepted a cadet pass and ran 60 yards for a touchdown. The try for extra point was low. Young took a pass just across the infield strip and scampered over for the second touchdown. The pass and run together was good for 53 yards. The kick was wide. Score, 12-0. Late in the same period, the Cook and Young combination clicked again and the score stood at 18-0. Try for extra point was low. In the third quarter, the Tigers crushed two Cadet threats and when the cadets were forced to kick, it was taken on their own32 yard line by Cook and run back for a touch down behind excellent blocking. The attempted conversion for no good. In the last quarter the Cadets took the ball to the Tiger 6 yard line only to be sopped. Then Shidler took over and marched down the field for their final tally. Kick was blocked and game ended, 30-0.

PAWNEE: In a district game played at Pawnee, the Pawnee Bears walked over the Shidler Tigers by a score of 34 to 2. They made 21 points in the first half and 13in the last. Shidler’s 2 points came from a safety in the closing minute of the second quarter.

YALE: The Tigers defeated the Yale Bulldogs in a district game played in Shidler. The score was 6-6 until, with less than a minute to play, Glenn Henderson intercepted a Bulldog pass on the Shidler 34 and ran the length of the field to break the deadlock. The Tigers scored the first touchdown of the game in the second quarter when Henderson, speedy back, took a pass on the 19 yard line and scored standing up. Kick was wide and the score was 6-0. In the same period after a Shidler fumble. The Bulldogs scored their lone touchdown. They try for extra point was no good. The Tigers gained a total of 215 yards while Yale gained only 125. Score; 13-6.

CLEVELAND: In a game marred by frequent fumbles, the Cleveland Tigers ran over the Shidler Tigers by a score of 40-13. Both teams showed a surprisingly strong offense, but the difference seemed to be the all-state back, Curly Vessels, who scored two touchdowns and passed for a third. Shidler scored in the first quarter on a pass from Cook to Young. Plunge for extra point was good. Just before the end of the third period, Young ran up the sideline for the second touchdown on a pass play.

TONKAWA: In a non-district game, Shidler lost to Tonkawa on the home field by a score of 7-6. The rainy weather and a raw, cold, north wind made an aerial offense all by impossible but both teams played well. Although the Tigers were out-played, they really lost the game because of their inability to convert after touchdown.

BARNSDALL: The Shidler Tigers wrote finis to the football season when they lost a hard fought battle to the Barnsdall eleven. The final score was 20-14. Shortly before the half ended the Tigers scored their first touchdown on a short pass into the end zone. Kick was good and the halftime score was Barnsdall 13-Shidler 7. The  Shidler eleven rallied after the Barnsdall had scored once more, making the score 20-7. Their second touchdown was scored on a 4 yard plunge. Try for point for no good.

1948-49           Roy Rousey         3                        7                    1

1949-50           Art Fleak             6                        5                   

On the second day of football practice senior letterman Charles Roe was stricken with polo. For two weeks no word was received from the hospital concerning his condition. Not only was Charles removed from the team, a severe blow to morale, but each member of the squad could not help wondering if he, too, would be the next victim. After it was learned that Charles would soon return home with no serious ill effects from the disease the team settled down to hard work and the spirit so necessary to a winning team began to appear. The season ended with six games won and five lost. Shidler placed one boy, Gayle Davis, center on the all-state team for the first time in the history of the school. Gayle was a two-year letterman and had worked hard throughout his career. He will play in the annual North-South game in Oklahoma City in August.

The Shidler Tigers ended their season with a record of eight wins and two losses. The team played Cleveland for the district championship, losing a well-played game by a score of 19-14. A lot of credit for the successful season goes to the well-balanced line. Although not one of the heaviest in the district, it was always fast and hard charging. Much could be said about the speed and coordination of the backfield, but the fact that the entire squad always worked together as a unit was a major fact in producing a superior team. Coach Art Fleak believes that good sportsmanship is the foundation on which every athletic team must be built, and the conduct of this team is proof of that belief. Of the 21 boys who lettered, seven will remain to form the nucleus of the squad next year.

1950-51           Art Fleak       3                        6                  2

Injuries plagued the Tiger squad all season, but despite handicap’s they finished with three wins, two ties and six losses. The split-T was used with Leonard Williams in the all-important quarter back position, and on the day before the opening game he lost four teeth wrecking a building in shop class. Even without Williams in the all-important quarterback position the game ended in a 19-19 tie. Other major injuries included Goddard, a broken rib, Hill, a broken arm; Martin, a broken collar bone; White, chipped hip bone, Storm, leg injury. Hill, a great defensive end, and Martin, a dandy tackle, were the only boys unable to play in the latter part of the season. Shidler defeated Garber, champion of District 1, and Tonkawa, which had one of the best teams in several years.  

1951-52             Coach Fleak     2                        6                  2

1952-53           Gayle Coyle        2                        7                  1

Although the Tigers did not have a highly victorious season, you could not say that they didn’t have a successful one. The boys all enjoyed playing and showed vast improvement as the season progressed. Winning only 2, while losing 8, would frequently dishearten many teams, but not the Shidler Tigers! With 19 returning lettermen, and squad members as a nucleus, next year’s teams should be well manned with experienced boys.


1953-54           Gayle Coyle        4                        6                 

The 1953 edition of the Shidler Tiger football team was hampered throughout the season by an amazing numbers of injuries. As a result, only two boys started every game at the same position. However, due to the superb coaching of Mr. Coyle, Mr. Dobbins, and Mr. Powers, it was a fighting team and gave its opponents a mighty hard time. The team spirit this year was the best it has been for a number of years. The boys hit just as hard at the last of the game, whether ahead or behind, as they did at first. Playing in perhaps the toughest district in B class it managed to amass a record 4 victories and 6 losses. Three boys made the all-conference and all-district teams. They were Bob Cotham, Brooks Mosier, and Jimmy Dodson.


1954-55           Gayle Coyle       4                        6

The 1954 Shidler football team was as hard-hitting team as Shidler has ever produced. Under the excellent coaching of Mr. Coyle, Mr. Bradley, and Mr. Turner, it was a fighting team that was likely to break a game open at any time. Playing in a very rough B class district, and despite a talent for losing ball games in the last minute during a mid-season lapse, it achieved a record of four victories and 6 losses. Four Seniors made the All-Conference team. Kenneth Freeman, Jackie Haskins, Charles Whitlock, and Stanley Betzer.


1955-56           Gayle Coyle      4                        4                  2

The 1955-56 football team of Shidler was one of the best mustered in Shidler history. Although its 4-4-2 record was not too impressive, it was the second best since the war. Highlights of the season were ties with Fairfax and Pawnee. Two of Shidler’s bitterest rivals. The team spirit was outstanding as displayed at Pawnee when many of Shidler’s Key players were out with injuries. The team wanted to win “One for the Coach” and resulted in a 6-6 deadlock. This was the first time in several years that Shidler was able to win or tie Pawnee. The conference that Shidler plays in is one of the toughest in the State. This fact was verified when two of Shidler’s opponents went to State play-offs. Shidler had 13 graduating seniors. Among these boys were 6 who won honors on All District and All Conference teams. In summing up the season the Coach had this to say. “The spirit and willingness of these athletes to give their best under all conditions has been a constant inspiration to me. I sincerely feel that I have gained from having been associated with these truly fine boys."

1956-57           Gayle Coyle      3                        6                  1

Playing in the toughest conference in the state and plagued with important injuries, Shidler finished the season with three wins against one tie and six losses. Best teams played, Newkirk and Fairfax. Best games played, Barnsdall, Hominy, Pawnee. Shidler landed three boys on the District and All-Conference team, they were Jerry Hill, Bob White, and Gene Smith. Quote Mr. Ward, "Excellent season, fine spirit, every bit from every boy. Each had football spirit invested in him." A word from the coach: The football team can be exceptionally proud of themselves for the fine type of football they played in 1956. We of the coaching staff certainly enjoyed working with this group of boys and always felt that each boy played his very best at all times. We would like to take this opportunity to commend the administration, teachers, and boys for the fine cooperation and spirit that helped make the season a very successful one.

1957-58           Frank Webber                                     

After a season of finely played games the high school boys found themselves tied with one more team for the conference sportsmanship award. As this in itself is a hard job, our boys deserved it very much. Two of the boys, Chris Clapp and Hal Hunsaker, made the All-Conference team, and these two with Thomas Poole, made the Northern Five team. Several more of our boys deserved to get on these teams too. All in all, these boys represented our school in the finest way at all the athletic contests.          


1958-59           Frank Webber    


1959-60           Don Creath  


1960-61           Jesse Page    


1961-62           Rex Rowe    


1962-63           Rex Rowe      2                      7                      1

 The record for this years' football team in no way reflects the supreme effort put forth by both the team and their coach. Coach Rowe started this year with a comparatively young and inexperienced team. Two broken arms, a number of bad knees, and various other minor injuries added to the coaches worries. But all in all the team showed the traditional Tiger Spirit, and we are proud of them.    

1963-64           Rex Rowe       2                      8  


1964-65           Butch Bouher    4                      6    


1965-66           Butch Bouher    8                      4                     

Coaches Bouher and Gilbreath began this season with practically a new squad. They gained much experience this year and have shown that they have a lot of power by the yardage they have gained. Next year should be a different story with underclassmen coming through the ranks to take their places as key men in the line-up. Three boys made All-District, and one was given All-State Honorable Mention. These achievements are a tribute to Mr. Bouher and Mr. Gilbreath who have worked tirelessly with these athletes.  Defensive Power Paves the Way: Shidler's tigers fought the favored Red Devils of Fairfax to a 6-6 stand-off in the first half, but the visitors came back with two more touchdowns to win. Shidler drew first blood with quarterback Don Walker tossing a TD pass to "Boog" Williams, Phillips-Bayird passing combination of Fairfax was responsible for two of their touchdowns. Wolfvoice hit paydirt in the fourth quarter. Shidler lost the services of Williams, team captain, in the second quarter shortly after he scored. He went out with an injury to his back. Williams plays end on both defense and offense. Shidler romped over Copan 40-6 October 1 at Copan. Mark Whitt scored five touchdowns and one extra point. Copan experienced a brief thrill as Terry Clifford uncorked a 58-yard run on the second play from scrimmage to the Shidler five-yard line and took the ball over for the score on the next play to take the lead 6-0. Tiger Coach Butch Bouher pointed to the defensive work of ends Denton Snow and "Boog" Williams, tackles Dennis Debo and Joe Conner, and halfback Ron West as a big factor in the victory. Copan put up a good fight throughout the first half but melted before Shidler's power game in the third quarter.  All District Winners: Three Shidler High School boys were named to 14-B District football team. They were Mark Whitt, "Boog" Williams and "Rusty" Cottle. "Boog"is a senior weighing 180 pounds. He is a 4-year letterman and captain this year. He has played tackle this year. "Rusty" is a 180-pound senior and plays tackle. He is a four-year letterman and is captain of this year's offensive team. Mark, 165-pound senior is halfback and co-captain. he is a 4-year letterman. He scored 82 points this year to rank 13th in area scorers in Class B. He rushed 1,065 yards during season and was named All-State Mention.

1966-67           Butch Bouher       6                      4

Victory over the Barnsdall Panthers kicked off a successful season with a score of 8-6. In this game Ron West made his first outstanding run as he took the ball and ran 80 yards for a touchdown. This score served as the nucleus around which West built a record that made him second leading scorer in state B football. The apex of 18 years rivalry was reached when the Tigers clobbered Fairfax with a score of 22-8. This was also the first time in several years that Shidler had been able to take two straight conference games. During the following weeks, Ponca City's B team defeated Shidler 6-0 and Cleveland slipped by with a score of 28-8. Braman handed Shidler a 30-16 defeat, but the Tigers reversed the tide by overrunning Medford with a score of 28-8. Power-packed Newkirk upended the Tigers by a score of 46-0 to capture the 14-B title. Homecoming fans were delighted as the Tigers roared to a victory over Yale Bulldogs 44-12. The Tigers winning over Pawnee 14-6 and Tonkawa 32-22, wrapped up the season with a 6-4 record.

1967-68           Butch Bouher       6                      4

The best record in twenty years was set by the Shidler Tiger football team this year when they won seven games and lost three. The Tigers started the season with a bang, rolling over Barnsdall 44-14. Ronnie West scored forty points and won "Back of the Week" in the Tulsa World. For the second consecutive year. the Tigers defeated Fairfax, this time by the score of 44-22. Harold Codding threw three touchdown passes. Tiger defense sparkled in a 26-6 victory over Ponca City "B". The defense gave up only six first downs and 131 yards rushing to Ponca City. Cleveland dealt the Tigers their first defeat of the season by running up a score of 34-8. But the Tigers got back on the winning track by the next week and trampled Braman by a score of 38-18 before a large homecoming crowd. A stubborn Medford team gave the Tigers a tough fight, but the Tigers won 14-6 with Ronnie West scoring all of the Tigers' points.

1968-69           Henry Hall     5                      4                      1

The Shidler Tigers began the 1968 football season with a 6-6 tie at Tonkawa. This paved way for a successful season of 5 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie. The first home game left the Tigers with the first defeat of the season as the Fairfax Red Devils took home the honors and left the Tigers with a 27-0 defeat. A week later the Shidler squad turned the tables on Pawnee as the determined Tigers got the 18-8 victory. The second road trip of the season turned disastrous as the squad lost a hard-fought battle against the Newkirk Tigers giving Shidler their second defeat of the year with a 7-14 loss. It was a happy Homecoming night as the Tigers played their best scoring game of the season to crush the Barnsdall Panthers in a 40-0 shutout. The win hungry team journeyed to Cleveland next to pick up another victory as the score of 18-14 added another win to Shidler's record. The Tigers hit a sour note as Ponca "B" downed the squad with a 20-6 loss. Shidler struck hard against Yale as they drew first blood to get a 26-22 victory. Knowing they must overcome Copan to keep within reach of winning the district, the Tigers out maneuvered the Hornets to gain another victory as they downed them in a 25-8 win. After a week's layoff, The Tigers traveled to Sperry for their last and most important district game of the season. The Tigers put up a real battle, but not being able to measure up to the size of the Sperry boys, lost the district title with an18-0 score.

1969-70           Henry Hall        6                      4                     

Three seniors played football for SHS and served as tri-captains for the team. Lonny Osborn played middle linebacker and offensive center. He lettered 2 years, after coming from Kaw City and was named to the all-conference team. Harold Codding worked two years as quarterback and then turned halfback during his junior and senior years. He was named to the all-conference team and won honorable mention all-state his senior year. He was also named, by all coaches of SHS, as the Outstanding Athlete of the year. David McPeak served SHS for three years as a tackle and was named also to the all-conference team. The team traditionally wore dress clothes to school on game day.

1970-71           Bob Cotham    6                      4         

Defense- the Name of the Game: The season-long war against outside foes started on August 28th at Garber. After more than a week of intensive practice, the Tigers showed their strength and conditioning for the season ahead. Everything was very satisfactory but first-string quarterback Rick Cottle was lost for the season with a spinal separation. Barnsdall came to Shidler for the regular season opener. The Tigers showed defensive strength as the game ended 0-0 with Shidler winning on first downs. Ona foggy field in Lamont, defense was again the name of the game. Lamont scored first on a field goal. then, after a blocked punt, Jon Olsen recovered the ball on the five-yard line. Steve Chrisco took it over from there. After the final stanza was gone, Shidler once again came out on top, 6-3. Pawnee met defeat the following Friday as the Tigers scored twice to defeat the Bears 14-6. On October 2, a highly rated 2A Kansas team came to help Shidler celebrate homecoming as the Tigers whipped the Bulldogs 13-6. A Cotham dazzle play turned the tide in the closing minutes. Medford's homecoming was spoiled the next week. A defense minded game at first, Hugh Jones intercepted a pass and returned it 76 yards for the score that opened the game up. Inside the Medford 20 four times and not scoring, Shidler still had their more productive offensive night by the tune of 19-0. The game everyone looks forward to took place on Tiger field against the Devils from Fairfax. A heartbreaker, Fairfax was the first of two teams to score on the ground all year long against the Tigers. Fairfax's star fullback was wrapped up but his lone touchdown decided the final score 0-8. Hominy was the number 1 team in the State. Although the Bucks were victorious, Shidler kept them to 49 yards on the ground. The score at half was 13-0. They opened up in the second half through the air and mounted the score. Final score was 33-6. Steve Chrisco suffered a bruised kidney and was lost for 2 weeks. League leading Tonkawa kept their pace in the final weeks of the season by defeating the Tigers 23-6. Chelsea's Green Dragon's came for a visit and left just barely victorious. Chelsea’s highly rated fullback was stopped for below his average. A blocked punt and ensuing safety provided the only score of the nigh 0-2. For their final game, the Tigers traveled to Newkirk. Shidler scored first and it appeared they would put one away after a string of successive defeats. But Newkirk scored on a disputed play and kicked the extra point to win 7-6.


1971-72           Bob Cotham      


1972-73           Bob Cotham    4                      4                      2

1973-74           Bob Cotham     9                      1

Late August was the starting point for the high school football players. Two weeks of two-a-day practices, with sweat and pain, was the beginning of the best team record in Shidler's history. Head Coach Bob Cotham and Coaches Ted Bent and Bill Lancaster had a long, hard season planned for their team. In the first game of the season, the Tigers defeated the Barnsdall Panthers on the Panther gridiron for the second consecutive year with a 20-0 victory. Traveling to Mannford to meet in the first conference game, the Tigers held the Pirates to a 6-0 shutout and their second victory of the season. In a very hard-fought battle at Pawnee, Shidler showed the ability to come back, as the Tigers defeated the Bears 8-6 in the first district game of the season. The Tiger's defense is credited with this win. At the Tiger's first home game, Shidler soundly defeated the Dexter Cardinals 40-0, in a game where all the Tiger players saw action. On Homecoming night, Shidler Tigers showed the alumni what a great team they had by defeating the Perkins Demons 30-6 in a conference game. Perkins was rated 16th and Shidler 18th in the state rankings. After this win, Shidler moved up to 16th in the state. The following week, Shidler met its arch-rival, the Fairfax Red Devils. Fairfax scored first near the end of the half and again in the beginning of the third quarter, making the school 12-0, in the Devil's favor. Shidler then went to the air and took control of the game. Shidler was threatening at the close of the third quarter and scored in the beginning of the fourth quarter.  The Tiger's kick-off was then fumbled by Fairfax and recovered by Shidler on the 35-yard line. After a time consuming drive, the Tigers scored again, making the score 16-12 and another Shidler victory. Shidler wrapped up the conference championship by walking over the Yale Bulldogs 60-12. The "A" team got to rest as the "B" team saw most of the action. In a district game, Shidler lost to Tonkawa on the home field by a score of 7-6. Although the Tigers were not really outplayed, they lost the game because of their inability to convert after their touchdown. The Tigers bounced back from defeat by shutting out Lamont 24-0. this game boosted their record to 8 wins and 1 loss. The Tigers broke their 26-year losing streak to Newkirk by smothering them 36-6. This ended the Tiger season with a record of 9 wins and only 1 loss for this fantastic team. At the close of the season, Shidler was rated 9th in the state!

New Records Established: First Downs-166; Average yards per game-307; Total Points-246; Average points per game-25; Pass interceptions-22; Pass completions; 63 percent; Penetrations-40; Most wins in a row; 7; Total yards-3,071; Yards given up to opponents-1,460; Longest kick-off return-90 yards; Opponents average points per game-5; Fumble recoveries-17-; Pass receptions for 10 yard average-32; "A" team defense scored on 5 times; First time to be rated in state.

1974-75           Bob Cotham      No Records


1975-76           Bob Cotham     4                      7

1976-77           Bob Cotham     4                      7

1977-78           Bob Cotham     4                      7

1978-79           Bob Cotham     4                      6

TIGERS LOSE OPENER: Shidler opened its season at home playing DCLA but ran into penalty trouble which cost them a number of mistakes and possibly the game. The Tigers shut DCLA out from scoring the second half, but not until after DCLA scored 33 points. Shidler left the field scoring 0. TIGERS SCALP CHIEFS: On Cherokee's field the Tigers created an upset. Bucky Weaver ran a 50-yard interception back for a touchdown, and Keith Bowen ran 65 yards for the Tigers only two scores. The Chiefs scored and had a touchback. The final scores: 14-8. TIGERS OUTLAST CARDS: The Tigers played Medford at Shidler. The statistics showed the Tigers dominated the game: although, the game ended 0-0. by a new rule in football, no game ends in a tie. Both teams attempted field goals in the first overtime. Both failed. The second overtime, Medford got the ball first, but failed to score. Shidler tried three times to score, and on the fourth time, Chris Jackson burst through the line for a thrilling 6-0 victory. BUCS DASH HOPES: In the annual Homecoming football game, Shidler trailed 20-0 at halftime, but actually was still in the game. The second half started and ended before the Tigers could even get across the goal line. Tonkawa went on to score 15 more points, adding up to 35, while Shidler had none. SPERRY BEAT SHIDLER: Shidler went up against the toughest team of the season. The Tigers played well, but the score was deceiving. Shidler's only score was in the fourth quarter on a quarterback keeper by Randy Rivas from 12 yards out. The Tigers failed the extra points which put them 6 and Sperry 34. DEVILS OUTSCORE TIGERS: The Tigers played Fairfax on home field. It was a completely defensive struggle for both teams although the Devils' offense slipped in 8 points to win the not-so-easy hard-hitting game. Coach Cotham said, "The team's spirit was higher this week than for any other game of the season." BEARS JOLT THE TIGERS: The last home game of the season was a loss. Pawnee did nothing wrong, and Shidler did nothing right. It seemed that Pawnee just couldn't stop scoring and Shidler couldn't start scoring. Pawnee scored 39 points and Shidler 0. TIGERS SQUASH HORNETS: The Tigers broke their four-game losing streak at Copan by defeating the Hornets, 32-8"Everything went our way," was the best way Coach Cotham could put it. The Tigers completely dominated the game. BARNSDALL RIPS HOPES: Shidler traveled to Barnsdall with hopes of winning ad qualifying for District. Their hopes were destroyed with a 20-0 defeat. Barnsdall capitalized on Shidler's fumbles. SHIDLER ROMPS CHILOCCO: The Tigers traveled to Chilocco for their last game of the season. Aside from a lot of injuries, Shidler came out on top 41-6. Chris Jackson, John Bethel, and Keith Bowen were among the Tigers injured in the last Prep clash.


1979-80           Bob Cotham    2                      8

Shidler lost its opening game with DCLA 37-0. In the game against Cherokee, the team's loss was attributed to penalties, fumbles, and pass interceptions. Holding off a supercharged team three times inside the one-yard line during the Tonkawa game made a lasting impression on the spectators, players and coach. "Even though we lost 7-0, it was the highlight of the season," said Coach Bob Cotham. Shidler romped over Dexter 40-7 to delight a large Homecoming crowd, bucky Weaver rushed for 114 yards in this game alone. During the Sperry game, Shidler won the statistics contest with 160 yards rushing to Sperry's 136 but lost the score 12-0. Competing with Fairfax tackles weighing 265 and 270 pounds and a nose guard 225 pounds was more than the Tiger team could handle. Fairfax triumphed 34-7. Medford, ranking eighth in Class B in the state defeated Shidler 26-6. Sixth-rated Barnsdall defeated the Tigers 33-0. The fighting Tigers came back to end their season by a thrilling win over the Chilocco Indians 31-8. Coach Cotham said, "Although the Tigers weren't victorious pointwise, they did have a winning season in experience and effort."

1980-81           Ken Jones     4                      7

This year was Shidler’s first time to experience eight-man football. It was hard in the beginning for our boys to adjust to playing this way. In the past, we have played the eleven-man game. Even though our boys weren’t very victorious they played their hardest. The best game played of the year was against Southhaven. Our boys put up a great fight and came out victorious with a score of 52-16. However, they did gain enough knowledge about the eight-man sport to have hope for next year. We ended this year’s with a four and seven record

1981-82           Larry Gilliland     10                    1     

                                               DISTRICT CHAMPS

The season was a hard one and the Tigers had a new face on the coaching staff, Coach Larry Gilliland. It was rough, but he seemed to know what it takes to make a winning team-plenty of hard practices and good mental attitudes. With the help and coaching of Coach Gilliland and his Assistant Coach Eby, the Tiger season was turned around. Two of the Tiger players, Ricky Myers and Bill Carlisle, were selected to play in the All-star game and one Tiger Joe Cooper, was chosen as Alternate. Many records were broken this year; the running backs did a lot. Buddy Thomas had 1694 yards rushing and Sophomore Mark Daugherty had 1200 yards rushing. The most yards in one game was 647. This year also saw a record made with the most wins in a row. The total points for the year was 326 with an average of 30 per game. For the first time since 1974 the Shidler Tigers made the State Playoffs. To do this was quite amazing since this is only Shidler’s second year of 8-man football. The Tiger’s regular season went well as Shidler lost only one of their regular season games to Wakita-their first game of the season. The Tigers were district Champs this year and went on to play Copan. It was a hard fought game, but Shidler was satisfied with a win in over-time. In the Sate Playoff game, the tigers were matched with the No.1 ranked team of Cashion. The Cashion Bulldogs held a surprising half-time lead. The sleeping giants of Shidler finally awoke in the fourth quarter, but it was too late. Cashion won the game 42-12 and went on to become the Class B State Champs.

1982-83           Larry Gilliland       9                      2

1983-84           Larry Gilliland       9                      2

1984-85           Larry Gilliland       8                      2


1985-86           Larry Gilliland       5                      5

1986-87           Larry Gilliland       6                      4

1987-88           Richard Worley      6                      4

1988-89           Randy Eby              3                      7

1989-90           Matt Holland          9                      2

1990-91           Matt Holland          4                      6

1991-92           Matt Holland          3                      7

1992-93           Matt Holland          8                      2

1993-94           Matt Holland          5                      5

1994-95           Matt Holland          0                    10

1995-96           Matt Holland          3                      7

1996-97           Matt Holland          7                      5

The Tigers accomplished many goals this year. They finished the season with a winning record of 7-5. Their hard work paid off by getting a state playoff berth, finally losing out in the quarter finals. Outstanding individuals who made first team all-conference were Britton Wehunt, Llew Brown, Cody Hawkins, Shane Stierwalt, John Houser, Casey Cargill, and Michael Godfrey, Casy Cargill was also named the offensive player of the year. Making the eight-man all-star game was Cody Hawkins, with Shane Stierwalt and Britton Wehunt as alternatives. The Tigers accomplished many goals this year. They finished the season with a winning record of 7-5. Their hard work paid off by getting a state playoff berth, finally losing out in the quarter finals. Outstanding individuals who made first team all-conference were Britton Wehunt, Llew Brown, Cody Hawkins, Shane Stierwalt, John Houser, Casey Cargill, and Michael Godfrey, Casy Cargill was also named the offensive player of the year. Making the eight-man all-star game was Cody Hawkins, with Shane Stierwalt and Britton Wehunt as alternatives.

1997-98           Matt Holland         5                      6

This year's football squad was very talented but young with only two seniors playing. The team made the playoffs for the second year in a row.

1998-99           Matt Holland         7                      4

1999-2000       Matt Holland        2                      8

This season was a rebuilding year for the Tigers.  With the loss of a valuable senior class, the team was very young with just a few of the returning starters from the previous year. To add to frustrations, this year’s team also battled injuries throughout the year. The Tigers ended up with a 2-8 record, and with hopes of doing better next year.

2000-2001       Gerald Parker       4                      6

2001-2002       Dale Bledsoe        4                     6

2002-2003       Dennis Curtis        5                      8

2003-2004       Dennis Curtis        8                      4

2004-2005       Dennis Curtis        2                      8

2005-2006       Flint Pattison        2                      8

2006-2007       Dusty Yauk           1                      9

2007-2008       Dusty Yauk           1                      9

2008-2009       Coop with Fairfax                                                    

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