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Trade and Industrial Club
established in 1948

The purposes of the T and I Club are to develop qualities of leadership, and to encourage social and recreational activities, to develop qualities of stability and self-confidence, to promote scholarship among the members, to familiarize the members with a broader view of the world's work, to assist one another in securing a better understanding of common problems; and futhermore to cultivate a friendly and cooperative spirit among the members, teachers, parents, and the employers in the community.

The Trade and Industrial Club is composed of boys enrolled in vocational shop. The objectives of the club are to develop leadership, to foster a spirit of cooperation, to promote a pleasant relationship among the members. These objectives are achieved through monthly meetings; personal contact, and by means of group projects. In 1950 the Ponca City Chapter invited the Shidler club to a joint initiation  in September. The ceremony was very impressive, and it provided a fine opportunity for the boys to become better acquainted.

The vocational shop group built the new home economics cottage during the year.

In 1953 the Shidler T & I Club erected  a house on South Cosden. Some of the objectives of the club are to teach general construction of houses, a knowledge of different types of houses and an appreciation of good construction.

Vocational carpentry was a special subject designed in order that the student might have an opportunity to learn to do certain manipulative skills that will better enable him to earn a livelihood. In 1957, football markers, playground erection, roofing, plumbing, concrete work and wiring are  only a few of the various jobs performed that year.

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