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Bob and Bill Mitchell Scholarship

The Bob and Bill Mitchell Scholarship was established by Mrs. Barbara Mitchell, widow of Bob and sister-in-law of Bill. It was the wish of the brothers, as alumni, to remember the many good things of the Shidler School system.

Woodard Robert (Bob) Mitchell, Jr. graduated in 1936 and served in the US Air Force. Bob retired from the Houston Post in 1983 and passed away September 15, 1999 at the age of 80.

Jesse Benjamin (Bill) Mitchell entered the Marine Corp after graduating from high school in 1940. Bill died in the line of duty on December 20, 1942.

 This one time scholarship in the amount of $1000 was presented to an outstanding college bound senior of the Shidler School District 11. This scholarship is now inactive but gave15 students $1000 to start their college career.

Ramona Rhodes Collins.JPG

RaMona Rhodes Collins Valedictorian Award

This award was given in memory of Ramona Rhodes Collins, valedictorian of the Shidler High School class of 1958, by her parents, to celebrate the scholastic achievement of the Valedictorian. This award is no longer active.

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