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Shidler Dedicates Ward Elementary School

Ceremonies dedicating the new $170,356 Ward Elementary building in Shidler were held Friday evening, December 14, 1957, with Standifer Keas as the principal speaker. This building is featured on the cover of this month's Oklahoma Teacher.

This new maximlite structure includes twelve classrooms, three offices, a teachers' lounge and an 812-seat auditorium with two dressing rooms. Estimated cost per square foot is $6.96, classroom cost $14,196.33 and per pupil cost $473.21.

After bonds were voted in November of 1955, the Superintendent and Board Members made an extensive tour inspecting and examining new school buildings before deciding on a floor plan and materials for the local edifice.

William Elliott of Tulsa was employed as architect and the construction contract was let to the Polk Construction company of Tulsa after a sealed-bid routine, work to begin March 12, 1956.

Honoring Walter G. Ward, principal of the Shidler system for 271/2 years, the new building will be known as the Ward Elementary School.

J. Waymon Scott is Superintendent of the Shidler educational system; Board Members include Monty Woody, President; Peter Blanda, Vice-President; Joe Curnutt, Clerk; W. W. Aupperle, member, and J. V. Beilue, member.

In 1989 the street in front of the high school was named W.G. Ward Street.

Shidler Mayor Bob Jackson presentation to W.G. Ward on street renaming.

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